DOODLES /ˈduːd(ə)ls/ Verb: scribbles absent-mindedly, Noun: rough drawings made absent-mindedly.

That’s the official definition…But I like to think my style of doodling involves a certain level of mindfulness! My designs feature abstract, flowing patterns that inspire imagination and encourage you to discover something new each time. My inspiration comes mainly from nature; whether it be viewing various botanicals under a microscope or just an organic, free flowing interpretation of a landscape.

BY ZOE  That’s me, Zoe Rolfe. I am the doodler, maker and business owner behind Doodles by Zoe.

Drawing in black and white

What makes Doodles by Zoe different? A strong focus on quality, unique design and the use of environmentally sustainable materials and practices. If you’re looking for ‘on trend’ pieces that you’ll only wear once or use for a season, you won’t find it here. If you want mass produced generic wall art prints, you won’t find it here either. If you want well-made artistic and original pieces that don’t hurt the environment and will last a lifetime then you’re in the right place. Welcome!